Camera Club Services

I offer judging & talks to camera clubs via Zoom or in person if the distance is reasonable


I am a camera club judge with 6 years experience judging at camera clubs across the Chiltern Association of Camera Clubs (CACC).  I have been invited to judge at clubs in the neighboring regions.

I have judged inter club competitions such as the Rosebowl and North West Federation cup.  In 2019 I was invited to judge the semi-final of the Rosebowl competition.

I am comfortable and experienced judging both Print and Projected digital competitions and I am regularly asked to judge clubs Best of the year competitions (Park St, Field End, XRR, Windsor Croxley etc..)

I have judged Open, Set subject, Triptych, and Panel competitions.

I am part of the team developing the new Judges training programme for the CACC

Talk 1 - Improving Your Photography

This talk is designed for beginners and intermediate workers and of course does work for advanced workers as well who are looking to improve their photography or broaden their photography into different genres.


The talk provides some quick tips and tricks that will have an immediate impact on your captured images as well as covering some of the most common genres, how to approach them, what "good" looks like and what equipment you might need to capture them.


The talk also covers one of the more important aspects that can improve your photography by moving from grazing to planning.


The talk is a delivered as a PowerPoint show, with images to illustrate along the way.

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