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Back Button Focus

Hey folks.

It has been a few days since I updated my blog, due to photoshoots and a rather nasty cold. Today I just wanted to touch on the subject of back button focus as a few people have pinged me questions about the subject.

Learning your camera and how best to use it takes time and can require some training and tuition to learn what some of the functions should be used for. Deciphering a manual or just watching a youtube video may work for some people but not for everybody. Learning, practicing and reviewing can really help you absorb and retain the critical information you need to improve your photography.

So, onto the questions:-

Q1) Why do you use Back Button Focus?

I am often shooting moving subjects such as bird in flight or deer running. I need a simple method of keeping the moving subject in focus at all times. This typically means a half press on the shutter button and then trying to not shoot by accident or releasing the shutter button by mistake and losing the tracking on the subject as you move the camera. I find Back Button Focusing much more flexible and reliable and I get many more keepers using it.

Q2) How does back button focus work?

Back button focus moves the focus control away from the shutter button onto a new button typically on the back of the camera. You then use your thumb to activate focus and to hold the button while tracking and then use the shutter button to take the picture of a moving subject. Alternatively you can also use it for static subjects by using the BBF to attain focus, let go of the button and shoot with the shutter button and the camera maintains focus the whole time.

Q3) How do I set it up?

Back button focus uses the "af on" button on a Canon and the "AE-L" button on a Nikon. you need to reconfigure these buttons in the camera's settings to become the main focus control.

If you want a 1-2-1 session setting up you camera, practicing and getting some good shots at the same time, let me know and we can book a session

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