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Building My New Editing PC + Shooting RAW

Making the most of your images you shoot is critical. Having the right editing software can make a huge difference to the impact your shots deliver.

I shoot in RAW format whenever I am taking any serious photographs. Shooting in RAW can deliver much more data ready for you to edit. So why should you shoot RAW?

Pros shooting RAW

  • More data than JPG

  • Wider dynamic range (highlight and lowlight detail)

  • Ability to change things like White balance in post proccessing

  • Ability to edit to exactly what you want


  • Bigger file size

  • Can look dull and flat straight out of camera

  • Always requires editing

I use Lightroom to catalogue and edit my RAW files. It is designed for photographers and delivers the critical tools you need to make the most of your shots.

Talking about running Lightroom, it was about time for a new PC to deliver a fast processor, more memory and a wonderful new 10 bit monitor to display my pictures at their best.

What do you use to edit ?

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