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Two Interesting Developments

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to fill you in on two important developments in my photographic life.

1) I was just voted in as President of Watford Camera Club for the 2014/2015 season. This is quite an honour for me as I am a relative newcome to the club which was formed in 1903. I have really enjoyed my last 3 years as a member of the club who have helped me develop as a photographer. You can see more about the club Here

2) I have recently judged some internal and external photographic competitions for Watford Camera club. At our recent Experimental evening, Stan McCartin the Chairman of the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs (CACC) came to observe the event and the judging. Subsequently to this event, I have been invited to be formerly trained and to become an offical judge for the CACC. You can see more about the CACC Here

Very interesting developments I am sure you will agree !!.



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