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New Course Offering


I am introducing a new offering to my customers. Does this type of session interest you? Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

I am now offering a 5 week course of classroom based sessions from my home (Based in Watford Herts) with a maximum size of 4-6 students teaching the basics of photography and how to move from fully automatic shooting to take control of your camera to take better pictures and allow you to fully express your creativity. This gives you the opportunity to meet like minded individuals, share experiences and learn in a firendly fun environment.

The course includes exercies for you to complete at home to reinforce the learning and give you opportunities to practice what you have learnt.

Typical subjects would include:-

  • Basic camera modes, settings and when to use them

  • Camera equipment selection

  • Picture composition

  • Photography tips

I run two seperate sessions:-

  • Tuesday Eveniings 20:00-22:00

  • Thursday mornings 10:00-12:00

Both courses run for 5 weeks start July 21st, Cost per participant is £200

Handouts will be provided for you to take away after the course.

Contact me to sign up

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