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​Canon 7d2


Today, I was lucky enough to have a play with a beta version of Canons new 7D2. This camera is eagerly awaited by sports and nature photographers (myself included) as the 7d is getting rather long in the tooth these days.

20.2mps, 10 FPS and a 65 point AF system on an APSC(crop sensor) should really maximise your ability to capture that decisive moment.

The 7D2 is fully magnesium and feels very similar to the 5D£ in construction and is fully weathersealed to ensure you can shoot in all conditions.

The camera feels great in your hand and was very responsive to use with snappy af and blindingly fast AF performance. We wern't allowed to put a memory card in the camera, but pixel peeping on the screen at 1600 ISO showed a lot of detail and no discernable noise even at 100% zoom.

I think one of these is going to have to find its way into my bag



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