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Trip out to Camden

I had a fabulous day in Camden Town yesterday dodging the showers with Mark. He wanted to improve his "street" and "travel" photography ready for some trips he has planned later this year.

We spent some time discussing what makes a good image and I challenged him to help me understand what he was trying to capture and what he was seeing. This is often the most difficult aspect of photography as it is where the art meets the science.

I asked Mark to consider:-

•Why was he taking this image?

•What did he see?

•What is he actually showing in his image?

•What has he added to the image as a photographer?

•What does the final image convey?

We had an intense but fun day and I will leave you with the message Mark dropped me when he got home.

Hello mate,

Just a note to say thank you so much for today. It was worth every single penny. I've learnt loads - why I make mistakes & how to correct them. A lot of it has really sunk in but when I get home I will write it all down. I really enjoyed your company & your teachings. I'm thrilled to bits at how much I've progressed in just one day!! I'm going to practice, practice practice. So so pleased

- cheers mate

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