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Zoo animals with Bob

I spent a fun day on Monday with Bob @ Paradise Wildlife Park.

Bob wanted some help with his animal shots so we picked PWP as it is fairly close to us and has some wonderful big cats.

We spent some time reviewing how best to set up his camera for animal shots & Bob decided to try back button focussing in combination with AI Servo mode on his Canon. This technique uses your thumb to focus and the shutter button to only meter and release the shutter. It does take some getting used to but generally provides a much higher keeper rate of infocus images.

We then spent some time shooting and reviewing shots as we went. I advised Bob that stopping down his lens from wide open would help with the sharpness of his shots.

I don't normally take a camera with me as I like to dedicate my attention to teaching not shooting, but I managed to snag a few shots late in the day.

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