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Applying for my EFIAP

It is that time of year again. The UK photographers who are active participants in the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP) distinctions for photographic Merit process have to apply if they have managed to attain the required achievements to be awarded a distinction.

If you want to read more, here is the page on the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB)

The FIAP distinctions are based on entering exhibitions all over the world with my images. I am competing with many other photographer from all over the world to have my images judged and accepted as worthy in an international exhibition.

I successfully applied for my Artiste FIAP (AFIAP) last year and now have to apply for my Excellence FIAP (EFIAP) this year. To qualify for my EFIAP I had to meet the following criteria:-

  • At least 250 Acceptances with a total of at least 50 different photographs.

  • 30 different salons with FIAP Patronage

  • 20 different countries

  • At least 12 of your 50 photographs must each have gained at least ONE acceptance as a PRINT as well as any PDI

  • To have at least two different photographs that have each received at least one award

This is a great fun way to show many diverse images across many genres whilst counting up acceptances and awards.

I particularly enjoy the way salons allow you to enter various sections such as Colour, Monochrome, Nature, People, Travel, and many other genres. This allows me to enter many of the different genres that I personally shoot.

Receiving an email letting you know your latest results is always exciting as is waiting for your medals and awards to arrive in the post.

I enclose an image containing a small sample of my 50 titles.

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