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Camera Club Judging

It has been a while since I posted. Hectic times presenting both of my talks to camera clubs all over the country and judging as well. I was very pleased to receive the following feedback from a club I judged at a couple of weeks ago.

This judge sets the gold standard for judging club competitions. He avoided all the traps so often fallen into by other judges. He was universally constructive and I even agreed with all his comments (even about my own 2 images!

Extremely experienced and knowledgeable judge providing valuable penetrating observations about all the images. Very critical scrutiny of details and composition, well demonstrated by good use of a pen tool on Zoom.

Given the available time, the judge gave a thorough and considered critique of each image. It seemed obvious that he had given each image his full attention before the evening, which is a good practice that all judges should be strongly encouraged to follow.
· Gave detailed comments for every image. These comments were very insightful and seemed to miss nothing.
· Considering each image thoughtfully and in detail. Providing helpful constructive suggestions.
· Judge obviously has a rich visual language which he uses.
He did not repeat himself when talking about the photos on view.

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