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Covid-199 and Camera Clubs

The current situation has had a significant impact on Camera Clubs. Meeting in person has been impossible over the last few months so many camera clubs have switched to online meetings using Zoom or Webex or similar technologies. This has really stretched the capabilities of the technical teams but has I think been embraced wholeheartedly.

The one good thing that has emerged is the ability of speakers and judges to share their talks and expertise to clubs that are normally too far away to make it sensible.

So for the last two months I have been delivering my "Improving Your Photography" talk all across the country. From Far away Scotland to local Pinner and nearly every region in the country meeting and sharing with new photographers from many different clubs.

I hope you are keeping safe in these difficult times and continuing to enjoy your hobby.


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Thank you for the Feedback

Wonderful to get some direct feedback on your judging. "Thank you very much for your excellent judging on Zoom for us, it was the best we’ve had, a master class in my opinion. Feedback from other club


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