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New talks and more feedback

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

As the world continues to struggle in the grip of Covid -19 we have to look for the silver linings we can find. I have been continuing to both Judge competitions and talk to camera clubs.

It is so refreshing to see the regional differences in the types, styles and artistic input in club photography as you move around the country. Some regions we see the works as primarily pure photography based, but in other regions composites come to the fore.

I have continued to deliver my "Improving your photography" talk to camera clubs all over the country and have once again been receiving some fantastic feedback.

Here are some of the recent comments

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night’s talk. To deal with such a diverse and complex topic in the way that he did was quite an achievement. Much of what he said was familiar to most members but his delivery made it a useful reminder without be repetitive and boring. He also managed to illustrate the points he was making with a well chosen selection of photographs that showed his obvious talent but he also had the confidence to criticise his work and show images that were not perfect which made a refreshing change"

"I liked the talk tonight although some of the experienced members may not have learnt much new, Martin Patten’s style was very engaging and entertaining. Good questions from the members, especially Eddie’s question about positioning hands in portraits, which was very succinctly answered. A little detail, but something that can be often overlooked"

"As I refer to myself as a new member to club photography I thought that there was a lot of good tips and information for everyone especially when he used his own images as a comparison or to make the point. Hopefully one day all will fall into one place as I take that judge's award winning shot."

Watch this space for a new talk being added.

Critiquing your own images

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