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Presenting face to face again

It has been a real pleasure to be able to deliver my talks to camera clubs directly without needing zoom. Now the spectre of Covid is starting to recede many more clubs are starting to meet face to face again. Many are meeting with windows and doors open to help protect their members which does mean a warm coat maybe required, but it is very much a pleasure to be back in front of an audience again.

I recently presented my Critique your own images to a club in the EAF. Here is what they had to say about the talk.

We had a 100% positive reaction to the presentation on Monday evening, without exception everyone I have spoken to found you a very engaging and enjoyable speaker, and the content pointed many members to consider elements of their images they hadn't before. All in all a highly successful

evening so thank you once again.

We'd love you to come back and see us another time so I'm sure Lyn will be in contact when she starts compiling the next programme, until then take care.

Looks like I will be back there soon. In the mean time, take care everybody.

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