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1st Video Tip Posted on Youtube


I just recorded my first ever Lightroom Tutorial video. I won't tell you how many hours of frustration and pain it caused, but suffice to say I feel a year older !!!.

Trying to find a tool that can record your screen movements, record audio and bring it all together in a HD package is not easy.

So what is the video all about?

Many people get dust bunnies or spots on their dSLR sensors. These happen when dust gets in as you change a lens. Sometimes trying to find them on your final print is a pain in the b*tt.

I recently found a new tool that makes it really easy to find them in your image and edit them out using Adobe Lightroom, before you print that amazing photograph.

Please take a look at the video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel as their will be many more coming over the next few months.

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